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Een celluloid film bericht van de WORM.filmwerkplaats leden. Waarschijnlijk hand ontwikkeld of op DIY wijze ontstaan en misschien experimenteel maar altijd de moeite waard om gezien te worden. Vrij entree. Bar open.

Deze maand een introductie van wat er zoal gemaakt is en wordt in de Filmwerkplaats, het DIY filmlab van WORM. Korte film programma met o.a.: Marcy Saude - Should I Stand Amid Your Breakers Or Should I Lie With Death My Bride (Super8 transfer, 4'30 min). A line from a Tim Buckley song spawns an extremely literal film. Figures in a haunted landscape, mediated by nature and the individual frame, accompanied by field recordings from a broken tape recorder.

Lichun Tseng - Balga (16mm, 4'30 min).Shot on high-contrast b/w material to reach the extremes of black and white. All effects like double exposures and dissolves were done in-camera (on a Bolex wind-up).

Klara Ravat - Ai Mi (16mm, 1'30 min). Direct animation with printer sticker sheets taped direct on transparent film. A transfer of poses on Renaissance paintings.

Daan de Bakker - Pinhole (16mm, 5 min). Daan make's camera films. All effects are in-camera effects. Shown are two films shot pinhole style: The camera has no lens, just a tiny little hole in a piece of tin-foil. Including some double exposure with different coloured filters in front of the pinhole.

Marèl Jap-Sam and Nick Aberson - image.sound.conversation. (4:12min). An action/reaction filmexperiment between two filmmakers who in response of each other made a short film every two weeks.

Florian Cramer - Neoist Exercise (16mm, 3 min). Don't blink for the duration of one roll of 16mm film

//ENGLISH// An analog film message by the WORM.filmwerkplaats members: Probably hand made or DIY style and maybe experimental but always worth seeing. Free entrance. Bar open.


Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA Rotterdam


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