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Tonight we host a classic demoparty with a specific focus on new (audio)visual geekery done right in your webbrowser.

The evening will feature presentations and demos by Finnish demoscener and pixel pervert Visa-Valtteri Pimiä (aka 'Visy') and the broad scope on current demos and web-based graphics by Tobias Leingruber (aka tobi-x) of Mozilla Labs.

WORM's 'Networked Graphics D E M O P A R T Y' is brought to you in the context of the 'Libre Graphics Research Unit' (**LGRU**), a traveling lab where new ideas for creative tools are developed. Its diverse activities range from the practical to the theoretical via writing, research meetings, experimental prototyping, conferences and workshops. The Research Unit is an initiative of four European media-labs actively engaged in Free/Libre and Open Source Software and Free Culture.

There'll be a special call for entries to enter a democontest for this event, the finalists and winning demos will of course be featured in the event, so keep an eye on this space,

update: read the call HERE!

and check out the videos for some more info!

Visa-Valtteri "visy" Pimiä

Known in the demoscene as visy/trilobit, Visa-Valtteri has experimented with demo art since 2001 and he has been interested in the artistic possibilities of computers since laying his eyes on the Commodore 64.

Working with Trilobit and Bilotrip, he is best known from demos for 8-bit devices such as Nintendo NES and Atari 2600. Nowadays he's experimenting with emerging graphics technologies such as WebGL.


Tobias Leingruber (@tbx) is an artist and free communication designer working in viral media, popular culture, amateur aesthetics and web technologies.

As an advocate for freedom and openness on the web he has worked with many artists and organisations including the F.A.T. Lab,, Silicon Sentier and Mozilla (Firefox). He's active in the internet start-up and art scene.

His latest projects are FB Resistance and Mozilla Demoparty. His work has been exhibited worldwide and featured by the NY Times, LA Times, Wired, Spiegel, 3sat(TV) or


Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA Rotterdam


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