IS THIS ON? performance 11:11:11 @ PZI :UpStage Festival

Joost Bult @ 19:00u op 09-11-2011

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Geen media beschikbaar

A Geek Tragedy

IS IT ON? by Birgit Bachler & Inge Hoonte

developed as part of 11:11:11 UpStage, a web-based venue for online performance

Friday, November 11, 2011

10AM - 10PM (Holland and western Europe)

Large Project Space, Piet Zwart Institute, Karel Doormanhof 45, 3012 GC Rotterdam

UpStage is a venue for online performance events (Flash plug-in required). This year's edition, 11:11:11, features people creating work on the web through drawings, photos, moving image, video, scripted movements with animations, etc.

IS THIS ON? projects a virtual apartment into a desktop computer, which are both displayed on the UpStage platform. Functioning like a dual-boot computer, the Proprietary family lives alongside the Open Source family. The script is inspired by conflicts between Apple, Windows and Linux. The characters bring to light various aspects of computing, such as communication issues between operating systems and their users, and the challenges one can face while interacting with, switching between, and working within these systems. The performance illustrates how the members of these groups communicate and seek connection in their differences and similarities through scripting, programs, software and analog means.

As such, little people appear to "live" inside the computer, as if operating tasks for you whenever you open a document, write an email, search for a file, etc. Some moments, physical becomes digital; body parts moving from the webcam onto the website. Other times, digital becomes physical, for example when part of an avatar's body seems to materialize on screen.

Workshops! COME PLAY!

Come to one of our workshops to make your own avatars and props to operate on the website/stage! This way you will be able to interact with people who are present in the room, as well as visible on the screen through a live feed. Come join the fun! See schedule below.

TIME SCHEDULE: 10:00-10:30 coffee tea COOKIES welcome 10.30-11:00 introduction UpStage 11:00-11:20 IS THIS ON? [1] 11:20-11:30 small break 11:30-13-30 WORKSHOP 1 13:30-14:15 lunch break 14:15-14:30 set-up Is This On? [2] 14:30-14:50 IS THIS ON? [2] 14:50-15:00 small break 15:00-18:00 WORKSHOP 2 18:00-19:00 break, preparation, mingling 19:00-19:30 set-up IS THIS ON? [3] 19:30-19:50 IS THIS ON? [3]

Prepare to be entertained, inspired, surprised and provoked! ++++++++++++++++++++

The festival spans a 24-hour period during Friday 11 November and into the 10th and 12th, depending on where you are in the world; time converters are provided so that you can easily work out your local time.

All that's required for you to join the performances is a standard browser and internet connection. There will be live links to the stages from the UpStage web site on the day of the festival.


For application deadlines and information for the PZI Networked Media Programme, check here.


The Piet Zwart Institute is a postgraduate studies and research programme of the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University. More information on PZI educational and public activities can be found at


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