moddr_ @ Unlike Us 2

Walter Langelaar @ 10:11u op 09-03-2012

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Geen media beschikbaar

Walter langelaar van WORM's 'moddr_lab' neemt vandaag deel aan de paneldiscussie in de "Artistic Responses to Social Media" sessie en presenteert een aantal projecten uit onze mediawerkplaats.

een snippet van de website:

"Artists play a valuable role in visualizing power relationships and revitalizing prefab subliminal daily routines of social media usage. Artistic practice provides an important analytical site in the context of the proposed research agenda of Unlike Us. Artists are often among the first to deconstruct the familiar, and to facilitate an alternative lens to explore and critique new cultural contexts and the technologies that evoke them. Is there such a thing as a social ‘web aesthetics’? It is one thing to criticize Twitter and Facebook for their primitive and bland interface designs, but is it possible to imagine the techno-social in completely different ways? Could we maybe design and implement new interfaces that give us more freedom to enable our mediated selves to be the evolving and layered identities we know ourselves to be? In this session we will present a few examples of artistic interventions in well-known social media platforms, and discuss their role and impact."

Met onder andere Thomas Cheneseau, Tobias Leingruber, Alessandro Ludovico, Olia Lialina en moderatie door Josephine Bosma.

Het event vindt plaats in Trouw, Amsterdam - meer info via de link hiernaast >>>


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